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Customer Service

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Customer service is often seen as an activity, performance measurement and a
philosophy. That is why, generally speaking, one single definition of customer
service does
not exist..
Here are some definitions of customer service in use today:
"Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it
has been promised"
"Customer service is about treating others as you would like to be treated
"Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants
and needs"
"Customer Service is a phrase that is used to describe the process of taking care of
our customers in a positive manner"
"Customer Service is any contact between a customer and a company, that causes
a negative or positive perception by a customer"
"Customer service is a process for providing competitive advantage and adding
benefits in order to maximize the total value to the customer"

اHow to Handle Customer Complaints

Some easy to follow rules to help you when things don't go to plan..
Fifteen years ago I had a complaint at a very well known Italian restaurant
in Minneapolis. I still remember how badly the employee responded to my
concern. In fact, I've used it in my customer service seminars. It shows the
power we all have to give our customers a memorable experience.
Here are some rules I teach in my seminars to help people handle customer
complaints. If you and your staff follow these rules you can turn unhappy
customers into loyal cheerleaders for your business.
1. Listen completely
Give them your complete attention. Don't multi-task. Don't "half-listen". Write
down what they are telling you and get specifics from them. Then confirm that
you understand. Focus only on them.
2. Let them vent.
Don't interrupt. Don't explain, defend or justify. They don't care why the
problem occurred and they don't want your side of the story. They are angry
and they want to vent, so let them.
3. Apologize and mean it.
This is often hard especially if you did not cause the problem. When you
apologize in this situation you are not necessarily taking blame for causing the
problem. You are apologizing for the customer having a bad experience.
Put yourself in their shoes. Be sincere.
4. Ask them how you can make things right. Then do more.
Too many employees have either no response to complaints or a generic, stock
response, like taking money off the bill. But that risk making the customer even
angrier if that's not what they want done. In fact you might even
offend someone by offering them a discount.
A better strategy is to ask them what they want. You have been genuine and
polite. Most people don't want much. They usually just want you to listen. But
whatever they say always do it and more. For example, if they ask for
their meal free your response might be "Mr. Smith, of course your meal tonight
is on the house. But I'd also like
to 5. Assure them you'll fix the problem
because you listened and you confirmed their complaint you know why they are
upset. Take the next step and assure them you will take action to prevent it from
happening again. Otherwise, why would they come back? (By the way, you need
to fix the problem too.)
6. Thank them
without direct customer feedback we have no idea if we are delivering the
experience our customers want. When they tell us we have failed they are
offering priceless information on how we can improve our business. They are
telling us what we need to do to keep customers coming back. So thank them for
their help. It's a rare customer who will take the time and effort to offer
feedback. Thanking them will go a long way toward winning them back.
If your employees handle every customer complaint using these steps, you'll keep
99% of them coming back. You'll have a healthier business because it keeps
getting better. And we all know happy, loyal customers are the foundation of a
healthy, sustainable business.
Make sure to take their complaints seriously. Show that you care about the issue
and want to improve the situation as quickly as possible. You want them to know
that you care. Be friendly, smile, and be kind.
.1 You need to make sure to give them a free gift card or major discount in order
to make up the complaints. You want them to feel happy enough to want to do
business with your company again.
2Ask those if the gift card or discount is good enough for them. If they want
something else such as a free item then make sure to give it to them. You don't
want them to leave the company being unhappy due to a situation.
1-Listen to what the customer has to say. Don't look bored. Don't sigh. You want
to pay attention to what the customer has to say to you. You don't want to roll
your eyes either. You need to handle the situation in the correct way.
2-You need to ask the customer what will make them happy and what they
suggest to do about the issue. It is important to ask them what they suggest to do
since it implies that you care about their opinion.
3. You need to write down the complaint. You need to make sure that the proper
paperwork is filled out regarding the complaint. You want to make sure that the
complaint is on file just in case the same incident happens in the you and your family dinner the next time you join us. Would that be okay?"
4. Let the store manager and other staff know about the situation. They need to
know what goes on in the company regarding any complaints that customers
may have.
5. Take complaints about prices seriously. If a person can get a better price
elsewhere on a product then make sure to match the price. It will make the
customer feel like that you care about them getting the most for their money.
6. Make sure that you remain professional. Nobody wants to deal with someone
who is unprofessional. Make sure that the customers know that you are
concerned and want to correct any mistakes that the company has ma

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